Flyboard is the new sport that has been established across the globe. It was created by French Franky Zapata in 2011 who has won 6 European titles and 2 worlds in jet skis.

The Flyboard is a mini-platform with a small width (just above a normal human body) with two boots integrated.

The platform is connected to an 18 meter hose and then to the turbine of a jet ski with great horsepower. As we increase the throttle in the jet ski, the pressure that goes from the turbine to the tube and then to the platform increases, resulting in very strong pressure of the water, to make the platform float over the water.

The effect of hydro-propulsion allows the rider to break the gravity barrier and make impressive freestyle figures in the air.

The height of the climb reaches 6 meters.

The helmet and the life jacket are essential.

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