Water ski

Water Skiing is a sport that offers pleasing moments because of the sliding on the water and the speed it is developing. It has an ever-ascending course with the successful organization of international sports events (Mediterranean, Balkan, Pan-European and World Games) and counts many Greek athletes. The appropriate age for learning water skiing starts from 6-7 years but always depends on the body of the rider.

    The learning method involves simulating out of water with basic tips for starting and routing. The sandals are tied together with a plastic bar so they do not open and remain firmly parallel. This allows the beginner to learn more easily and quickly. The balance on water is achieved by the first lesson as long as the learner has paid good attention to the instructor's instructions. The lesson lasts about a quarter.

    Water skiing is good for the whole body and gives you the chance to learn an extreme sport, to exercise well.

    It requires a calm sea without a wave and for this reason it takes place in the Messinian Gulf only in the morning hours and late afternoon, as after 12:00 it occurs the phenomenon of thermal wind.

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